(B235a-T3X) DIY 3CH Case-kit for ICEpower 50ASX2(SE+BTL, XLR+RCA)

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B-series 3CH case-kit, applicable for 50ASX2BTL + 50ASX2SE
3CH rear-plate: 1 x XLR input, 2 x RCA inputs
------ 1 x 50ASX2BTL via XLR input (Balanced signals)
------ 1 x 50ASX2SE via 2 x RCA inputs
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  • (B235a-T3X) DIY 3CH Case-kit for ICEpower 50ASX2(SE+BTL)
  • (B235a-T3X) DIY 3CH Case-kit for ICEpower 50ASX2(SE+BTL)
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  • (B235a-T3X) DIY 3CH Case-kit for ICEpower 50ASX2(SE+BTL)
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  • (B235a-T3X) DIY 3CH Case-kit for ICEpower 50ASX2(SE+BTL)
  • Description
What's the DIY case-kit?
  • Case-kit is NOT amp-kit, excluding AMP or PSU modules
  • Including aluminum encloser, connectors, screws, feet, led and needed internal harness...
  • DIY (do-it-yourself) project: All parts packed in bulk, please assemble to the complete amp case by yourself
  • Easy to assembly 4 parts (face/rear/top/bottom) to a completed case, so no instruction/guides provided
  • Sample assembling by user: Hypex nCore NC252MP (Ghent case Assembly) (by Joseph Tham)

Brief Introduction
  • Part number: B235a-T3X (B-series Encloser)
  • 100% Aluminum, the best thermal material for amp
  • 3CH case pre-drilled for applicable modules (case-kit excluding any modules)
  • Input: we provide two kinds of XLR options:
    ---Soldering XLR: GP110 Gold-plated XLR socket
    ---Soldering RCA: GP120 Gold-plated RCA socket (Soldering connector)
  • Output: GP100 Gold-plated Binding posts, support soldering or screw-type

Internal Harness (Free included)
  • Mains wires: Y-cable from AC-Inlet to PSUs
  • Signal wires: signal input socket to amp-modules
  • Speak wires: from amp-module to Binding Posts
  • LED wire: from PSU to LED module

Case Specification
  • Internal size: 193mm(W) x 58mm(H) x 235mm(D)
  • External size: 200mm(W) x 78mm(H) x 246mm(D)
    (External size including feet, excluding connectors)
  • Case Finish:  Full-Black or Silver-Face with Black body
  • LED: Blue/Green/Orange/White(Brightness adjustable)
  • Face-plate: 8mm thickness
  • Top-cover: 3mm thickness, venting holes or slots
  • Bottom-plate: 3mm thickness, pre-drilled for modules
  • Rear-plate: 3mm thickness, laser imprint text

Packing list (All parts packed in Bulk)
Encloser & Parts Audio Parts
Front-Plate x 1
Top-Cover x 1
Bottom-Plate x 1
Rear-Plate x 1
Aluminum Foot x 4
Front-support x 2
Screws set
AC-Inlet & Switch x 1
XLR socket x 1
RCA socket x 2
Binding Post(Pair) x 3
Dimmer-LED x 1
Internal Harness
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