DC-J01 --- Teflon Silver-plated Star Quad DC cable (JSSG360)

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Teflon Silver-plated Star Quad DC cable, 4 x 20awg;
Pre-built JSSG360 dual-shielding;
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  • DC-TSPC20 --- Teflon Silver-plated Star Quad DC cable
  • Description
  • Cable length: not only the cable, but also including the size of plugs at both ends
  • Source/Destination: Please choose suitable connector for Source power supplys, and Destination devices
  • JSSG360: Pre-built JSSG360 is made of two additional layers of metal shielding mesh
  • Non-Directional: This cable is non-directional cable. "Source/destination" is just more simple to identify connectors

Order Handling / Custom length
  • Handling time: 3-4 business days, since all cables are handmade carefully
  • Up-Level price policy: for custom length: 0.35m = 0.5m, 1.6m = 2m...
  • Example: Custom 1.2m, then buy 1.5m and write "custom 1.2m length" mail to [email protected]
  • Invoice for custom order: or we could send Paypal invoice for custom order if contacting us in advance

Features & Specifications
  • Teflon Silver-plated Star Quad Audio-grade DC cable, Single(1pc)
  • 100% handmade craftwork by experienced engineers
  • Cable: Teflon Silver-plated OFC Star Quad, OD 5.8mm, 4 OFC conductors x 20AWG/cond
  • JSSG360: Pre-built JSSG360 inside, finally Black cotton sleeve to cover the whole cable
  • Connector: Japan Oyaide gold-plated DC plugs(made in Japan) or other quality connectors
  • Solder: Lead free, Rosin Core with 3% Silver, 0.5% Copper and Tin

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