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U22 Teflon Silver-Plated USB Y-Cable with Oyaide DC Input
Prices / Free Shipping / Tracking

Single------ The following prices are for Single (1pc) cable
Length 0.3m
1 ft
1.5 ft
3.3 ft
5 ft
6.5 ft
10 ft
Prices $50 $50 $56 $62 $68 $80
  • Cable Length: The above length(0.5m, 1m...), including the length of connectors at two ends
  • Free Shipping: Registered postal air mail with tracking number, normally 2-3 weeks (4-6 weeks for remote area)
  • Tracking Package: In couple of days later after dispatching, please input your tracking number Here
Order Handling / Custom length Order

  • Handing time: 3-4 business days, since all cables are handmade carefully, thanks your patience
  • Up-Level price policy for custom length: 0.35m = 0.5m, 1.6m = 2m, 4.2m = 5m...
  • Custom order example: Custom 1.6m length, please buy 2m and write "custom 1.6m length" in paypal payment
  • Welcome any other questions, please mail to ghentxu@ghentaudio.com to contact us
USB Connection

  • Type B: Full connection of Data+/- and VCC+/GND-
  • Type A: Data+ and Data-
  • Oyaide DC plug: VCC+ and GND- (Both DC-2.1G and DC-2.5G plugs are available)
Features & Specifications

  • Teflon Silver-Plated USB Audio Y-Cable with Oyaide DC input, for DAC or Printer....etc, 1pc
  • Purely handmade craftwork, genuine material and solid substance
  • Cable: Teflon Silver-plated Star Quad OFC, Braided shield with exceptional RFI and EMI protection
  • Connector: Oyaide DC-2.1G & DC-2.5G plugs, Quality Gold-plated(3U thickness) USB plugs
  • Solder: Lead free, Rosin Core with 3% Silver, 0.5% Copper and Tin