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Newly Released Audio Cables

 Genuine Material & Solid Substance    Mainly based on Japan Canare and China Choseal audio cables...
 100% Purely Handmade Craftwork     Handmade by Experienced technicians, Lead free & 3% Silver
 Free Shipping with Tracking Number  Registered postal air parcel with tracking number & 2-3 weeks
Speaker Cable DAC/USB Cable RCA Cable RCA Cable

S01 Canaer 4S12F (Pair)

U01 Teflon Silver-palted A-B

A01 Canare L-4E6S (Pair)

A03 Canare L-4E6S (Pair)
RCA Cable (3CH) RCA Cable (5CH) XLR Cable XLR Cable

A11(3CH) Canare L-4E6S

A11(5CH) Canare L-4E6S

A03 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

A07 Belden 1192A (1pc)
RCA to XLR Cable Coax 75ohm RCA Cable 3.5(1/8") TRS Cable 6.35(1/4") TRS Cable

A15 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

E08 Canare LV-61S 75Ω

D11 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

D05 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)
3.5(TRS) to RCA Cable 6.35(TRS) to RCA Cable 3.5(TRS) to 6.35(TRS) Speaker Bridge Cable

B01 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

C06 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

D15 Canare L-4E6S (1pc)

S99 Canaer 4S12F (4pcs)