Case-Kit > NCORE-MX(Crimp) Solderless Mono Case-kit
NCORE-MX(Crimp) Solderless Mono Case-Kit
 Solderless Connectors     Neutrik Crimp XLR     CMC Solderless Binding Posts     Neutrik speakON(option
  Same layout --- Totally same layout & function & size as the standard NCORE-MX Mono Case-kit
   Differences  --- Only different rear-plates with solderless connectors as following pictures:
  • Default Rear-plate: with Neutrik Crimp XLR & CMC Solderless Binding Posts
  • Option Rear-plate: with Neutrik Crimp XLR & Neutrik speakOn
  • Important: please crimp wires by yourself
Price & Shipping

  • Promotional Prices: $320(Pair, 2pcs), or $180(1pc), $450(3pcs)
  • Handing time: 3 business days
  • Free shipping: UPS/Fedex/DHL/TNT/EMS...etc, about 3-7 business days
  • Phone number: Please leave phone number in payment detail for UPS/DHL...
  • Exceptions: ghentaudio would charge extra freight for remote areas if needed
LED Color:

Option: Power Supply Cable-Set for NCORE Case-Kit

Promotional Price: $22 of 2 cable-sets
  • Well pre-made with enough length, suitable for NCORE Case-Kits (Mono & SE)
  • Plug and Play cables, since all cables are with crimps/connectors
  • UL & Rohs Silicone quality wire, extremely flexible
  • Branded JST Housing/Crimps, firmly connection

Main Features
  • Well designed for Mono-Block Mode, suitable for DIY Mono amp project
  • Default pre-drilled holes for: NC400+SMPS600, NC500+SMPS600, NC1200+SMPS1200, UcD700+SMPS1200
  • 100% Aluminum Case, nice Ncore logo, Hi-END connectors (Neutrik XLR socket, CMC Binding posts)...etc
  • Including all connectors, switches, aluminum feet...etc shown in pictures
  • Dimmer LED: DC +10v~~~+26v supply, Led brightness could be adjusted manually at the bottom of chassis
  • LED Color Option: Blue(Default), Green, Orange and White

Brief Specifications
  • Internal size: 193mm(W) x 58mm(H) x 265mm(D)
  • Color: 1) Full Black (Default); 2) Silver Face-plate & Black case;
  • Face-Plate: 8mm thickness & NCORE logo (Option: Blank face-plate without logo is available)
  • Top-Cover: 3mm thickness, with standard venting holes (Option: Blank top-cover without holes is available)
  • Bottom-Plate: 3mm thickness, pre-drilled holes for Hypex/NCORE modules (Free drilling for other modules)
  • Rear-Plate: 3mm thickness, one XLR socket, pair of Binding Posts (or speakON), IEC socket with power button
  • DC Supply for LED Dimmer: DC +10v ~~~ +26v

Packing List (Per case-kit)
Aluminum Case Power Supply Audio Parts Accessories
* Front-Panel x 1
* Top-Cover x 1
* Bottom-Platex 1
* Rear-Platex 1
* IEC Socket x 1
* Power Button x 1
* Neutrik Crimp XLR x 1
* CMC Binding Post, Pair (Default)
* Neutrik speakON x 1 (Replacement)
* Dimmer LED x 1
* Aluminum Foot x 4
* Screws

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S01 Speaker

Some feedbacks

* Excellent quality, top class seller, quick delivery and just perfect. Thanks!
* I have receided the cases, thank you. They are really excellent quality and look very nice.