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ASC200-MXR Monoblock DIY Case-Kit
   200ASC/300ASC Module      Monoblock Design      RCA & XLR Inputs      Power-Button-Kit 
 There are two versions of case-kits: (Both kits not including any 200ASC module)
  ASC200-MXR(A)  ------ Full case-kit, excluding pre-made wires
  ASC200-MXR(B)  ------ Full case-kit and pre-made wires included
Price & Shipping

  • Promotional Prices: ASC200-MXR(A) $75/pc, ASC200-MXR(B) $90/pc
  • Handing time: 3 business days
  • Free Shipping: Registered postal air mail & tracking number 2-4 weeks
  • Tracking Package: In couple of days later after dispatching, please track Here

Main Features
  • Well designed for Monoblock Mode, suitable for ICEpower 200ASC/300ASC module or other Mono project
  • Standard Monoblock Mode: Both RCA & XLR inputs with toggle switch, one pair of Binding posts
  • Default pre-drilled bottom holes for: ICEpower 200ASC or 300ASC modules (Both modules are same size)
  • Pre-made power-button-kit, simplying the difficuty during assembling and more safer to your modules
  • Pre-made wires(Option), NO need to collect parts, saving cost/time and easy to upgrade wires in the future
  • 100% Aluminum Case with venting holes, the best thermal material for audio devices
  • Including all audio connectors, power-button-kit, IEC Inlet socket, aluminum feet...etc shown in pictures
  • LED color: Blue

Brief Specifications
  • Internal size: 150mm(W) x 56mm(H) x 215mm(D)
  • Color: 1) Full Black; 2) Silver Face-plate & Black case; 3) Full Silver
  • Face-Plate: 8mm thickness
  • Top-Cover: 2mm thickness, with standard venting holes
  • Bottom-Plate: 2mm thickness, pre-drilled holes for ICEpower 200ASC or 300ASC module
  • Rear-Plate: 3mm thickness, laser imprint text, both RCA & XLR inputs, 1 pair of Binding posts

Option RTX Module
  • Version 5.1, $39/pc or $70/pair
  • Well designed circuit for unbalanced to balanced purpose, suitable for any unbalanced to balanced audio project
  • One RTX module support 1/ch RCA Mono input, so two RTX modules for Stereo requirements
  • ±24 or ±12V free converting, supplied from AUX of class-D modules, no extra noise from external power supply
  • DC out for LED light (please put a resistor in series)
  • All needed Jumpers/cables/brass studs/screws are provided together

Packing List (Per case-kit)
Aluminum Case Power Supply Audio Parts Accessories
* Front-Panel x 1
* Top-Cover x 1
* Bottom-Platex 1
* Rear-Platex 1
* IEC Inlet Socket x 1
* Power Button Kit x 1
* RCA Socket x 1
* Neutrik XLR Socket x 1
* Toggle Switch x 1
* Binding Post x 1 Pair
* Pre-made Cable-Set x 1 (Option)
* Aluminum Foot x 4
* Screws needed

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