Amplifier > GA-M500P 500w Monoblock
GA-M500P Monoblock Power Amplifier
   Mono 500w@4ohm      100K(RCA) & 200K(XLR)      Powered by ICEpower      Dimmer Led 
Price & Shipping

  • Price: $675/pc (Free Expedited Shipping Worldwide)
  • Available colors: Full-Black, Full-Silver, and Silver-Face(black case)
  • Handing time: 5 business days
  • Free shipping: Fedex/UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS... 3-7 business days
  • One month free home trial, two years warranty

Main Features
  • Well designed for Mono-Block, based on the latest ICEpower Class-D technology
  • Mono-Block 500w(4Ω), or 250w(8Ω), via Balanced XLR & RCA inputs
  • Latest design of buffer stage, high-bandwith & high impedance, suitable for most of pre-amps
  • More balance, more detail, no noise, neutral sonic coloration
  • Led Color: RCA(Blue) and XLR(Green) switched by toggle switch
  • Led Dimmer: Led brightness could be adjusted manually "Brighter | Normal brightness | Power-off"
  • Hi-End Neutrik & CMC components, silver-plated Teflon signal wire inside
  • 100% Aluminum case, perfect Brushed carftwork & Laser Inscription, excellent cooling performance
  • Well assembled & carefully tuned, Ready-to-Play
  • Power Supply: 115VAC or 230VAC 50/60 Hz (Pre-Setting in factory, according to voltage choice)

Key Specifications
  • Latest buffer-stage, specific Mono design, powered by ICEpower technology
  • Input connections: Single-ended RCA or balanced XLR
  • RCA input impedance: 100Kohms
  • Balanced input impedance: 200Kohms
  • Maximum Power Output: 500w 4 ohms, 250w 8 ohms
  • Power Output 1% THD: 450w 4 ohms, 225w 8 ohms
  • Minimum Load: 3 ohms per channel
  • Peak Output Current: 30 amperes
  • Frequency Response: +/- 0.15dB 20Hz-20KHz, All loads
  • THD+N: 0.003% 1W, 100Hz, 4 ohms
  • IMD (CCIF): 0.0009%, 10W, f =18.5kHz, 1kHz, PO =10W
  • Output Noise: 30uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
  • Voltage gain:: 30.7dB
  • Damping factor: >1000
  • Dynamic Range: 121dB
  • Sensitivity: 1.42Volts
  • Power On usage: 9.5W
  • Power Off usage: 0.0W
  • Protection: Short circuit, Thermal & Over-current protection
  • Size: 200 x 80 x 210mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 4.4lbs, 2.0Kg
  • Warranty: Two years for original owner
  • Designed and Manufactured in Shanghai, China
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Some feedbacks about GA-M500P Mono Power Amplifiers

Hi Ghent Xu,
I hooked the mono amps up to a Schiit Freya preamp this weekend and spent many hours listening to music. Both CD and vinyl LP's.
I believe I have achieved the best of both worlds here with solid Class D amplification and the ability to switch between solid state & tube sound with the preamp. Your amps are very musical. The longer they are on the more musical they have become. Smooth like liquid chocolate! Unlimited power to drive my GoldenEar Triton 2 speakers, I'm hearing things in the music that I haven't heard before.
The clarity and soundstage presented in front of me is unreal. I'll let you know more how things progress, but so far, so good! Very pleased with the purchase.
------ Joe from USA

Hi Ghent,
I now had the pleasure to have a few good long listening sessions during the weekend.As mentioned earlier, I have the Acoustic Reality eAR 202, which is equipped with the ICEpower ASC200 module. I like the way the ASC200 module handles the bas, but at times it tends to be too unpleasant to listen to in the highs. Especially female voices and music tracks with focus on the highs, can be a bit too hard to listen to. Based on that, I was very eager to listen to the 125ASX2 modules coupled in bridge configuration, supplied by you in your product.
I must say, that they sound just as perfect as my old ASC200 module when talking about the lower mid and bas range. So far so good! Now, the interesting part: How do they perform when talking about the highs? Perfect I must say, just perfect!
There’s no irritating highs from female voices or anything else from tracks focusing on the highs. This amplifier set, simply just sounds perfect to me. I guess you guys just found the right input buffer stage to use on this module, great work there!
I carried out 2 very long sessions over the weekend, playing vinyl and FLAC streaming, both with very good performance. I played anything from classic music, Vivaldi, Bach just to mention a few, to pop, rock and heavy metal. The amplifiers just performed perfect in every aspect at every music type served to them.
------ Jan from Denmark

Hi Ghent,
Thank you, I have received the amplifier. Sorry for not responding earlier, I was busy with work.
As for the amp, I was very glad to hear the tight grip it has on the lower frequencies, and the increased low frequency information it has compared to my old amp (an Acoustic-Reality EAR 202 amp based on the Bang & Olufsen 250ASP module).
The improvement was so big I noticed it immediately, and it was just what my new JBL Studio 530 speakers needed, since I don't use a subwoofer.
I did not properly evaluate if there was a change in percieved resolution, since I just didn't want to bother hooking up my old amp again for comparison, but I would not be surprised if there were improvements there as well. I would have liked to give a thorough review of the ghent but I simply did not feel like connecting my old amp again after having heard the full frequency response of your amp. I should have made recordings of music using both amps so I could A/B them quickly, but there was no point, since the Ghent clearly sounded better.
Within two days I had connected new speakers, a new DAC (Chord Mojo) and a new amp, so that also made it hard for me to notice any small but important changes in resolution, since the whole sound had changed so much and was continuing to change as the components were still breaking in.
I must say I absolutely love the aesthetic design of the amp. It's so tastefully stylish, not full of things that distract the eye, just a mysterious, sexy box of competence. I love it! And the switch to toggle between XLR and coax inputs lets me use it more or less like a preamp, if I have two sources hooked up to it. Down to the smallest connector, it really gives of a quality vibe.
Most of all, I want to thank you for being such a complete pleasure to do business with. I actually wish i had a need for another audio setup, just so i could buy another ghentaudio amp, and support great manufacturers like you. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
------ Fonzie from Sweden

Hi Ghent,
Received them yesterday. Did some preliminary listening last night and really dug in this morning. These amps are fantastic, really impressed with both the sound and build quality.
Pictures really don't do them justice, the case, faceplate, even the feet exude quality.
Also really appreciate the dimmer leds, I have a few components (W4S i'm looking at you) which are just way to bright, and are distracting during movies.
As for the sound, its what I expected with my experience of IcePower. They sound similar to monos I had w/ 1000ASP, but to my ear they sound a little more neutral, and the bass is still punchy without being overpowering. These were exactly what I was looking for, a very neutral revealing amp that runs cool and doesn't break the bank.
Your amps are the best I have heard so far, and that's saying something comparing to amps using the 200ASC, 500A/500ASP, 50ASX2, and the much lauded 1000ASP. Thanks again.
------ James from USA

(English) Hello Ghent,
Thanks for the super sales process, I'll be happy to recommend .
Thank you also for customs clearance , you know certainly what I mean , that was very nice and there were no problems , as well as in the small amplifiers .
Incredible what's in your mono amps in there , we have hundreds of times between the Accustic Arts Power AMP II and the mono amps Ghent switched . The small amps are so close to the AMP II , does not believe it .
Packaging and the quality of the amps are perfect , thank you very much for the super great settlement .
Even the USB cable has a fantastic co-determined processing for the mini price !
We have attached a photo of the big prize Lichen distance , but tonally playing Ghent amps at eye level !
Greetings from Germany
ghentaudio GA-M500P

(Germany) Hallo Ghent,
herzlichen Dank für die super Verkaufsabwicklung, ich werde dich gerne weiterempfehlen. Danke auch für die Zollabwicklung, du weist sicher was ich meine, das war sehr nett und es gab keinerlei Probleme, wie auch bei dem kleinen Verstärker. Unglaublich was in deinen mono Amps drin steckt, wir haben hunderte male zwischen dem Accustic Arts Power AMP II und den Ghent mono amps umgeschaltet. Die kleinen amps sind so dicht am AMP II, das glaubt man nicht. Verpackung und die Qualität der amps sind perfect, herzlichen Dank für die super tolle Abwicklung. Auch das mitbestellte USB Kabel hat eine fantastische Verarbeitung für den mini Preis! Anbei ein Foto von dem großen Preislichen Abstand, aber klanglich spielen die Ghent amps auf Augenhöhe!Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland
------ Axel from Germany

Hi Ghent Xu,
First of all, a big congratulations on making such an impressive and amazing Mono Block GA-M500P amplifier available to audiophiles worldwide, at such a reasonable price. Your products really shows the passion you have in audio. The GA-M500P mono block has to be one of the best (LF) amplifier I have tested in my setup that finally achieves full control of the JBL Project K2 S5500 speakers to liberate its full potentials. For the past decade, I have been experimenting with various amplifiers to advance the sound quality of my audio setup, ranging from various McIntosh amplifiers, Mark Levinson to Goldmund and Jeff Rowland amplifiers with limited success. The closest I have come to achieving this level of bass control is the Jeff Rowland 501…but at its asking price, it is only pragmatic to run two mono block units, each featuring the B&O 500AWP ICE-power module. With the new Ghent audio amps (GA-M500P) it has opened a new chapter.
For my current setup, I am pairing 4 of these GA-M500P mono block amps to drive a pair of JBL Project K2 S5500 speakers in Digital Active Crossover, Tri-amp mode. Each GA-M500P is connected directly to one of the bass driver (LE125S), bypassing the passive crossover network. The combined 500W+500W per channel driving power of the GA-M500P made a significant sonic improvement. It might sound like an overkill, with 2500W of amp power running into 2 channels…but it is more about control than raw power. The High-frequency range (275Nd compression driver) is powered by a StellaVox PW-1 mono block 250W amplifier (utilizing Goldmund JOB4 module with 3MHz bandwidth). The high-frequency is further augmented by a pair of JBL UT045Be ultra-high frequency compression drivers to offer support beyond the 40kHz frequency spectrum, also driven by a pair of PW-1. The signal path is full 24bit/96kHz digital, from the Goldmund SR8 Universal Preamp (up converts all analogue/digital signals to 24-bit 96kHz), to the digital active crossover DEQX HDP-3 (full 24bit-96kHz input/output) and finally Apogee DA16x (16 channels 24bit 96kHz or 192kHz) DAC and directly feeding to the tri-amp setup. The 275Nd and LE125S drivers on each of the K2 speakers are time and phase aligned via the DEQX calibration with Earthworks M50 mic, running a very steep crossover slope of -300db/octave. The JBL K2 S5500 is a challenging speaker to drive. On paper it has high sensitivity of 95db and a 4-Ohm impedance. But in reality during run-time, its impedance can dip into the very challenging 3-Ohm range, the speaker is so current hungry that most amplifiers will find a hard time of exerting full control over the (bass) drivers. I have seen many amps running out of gas when the going gets tough, as the K2 demands more and more current, the amps simply has no more (current) to give and starts exhibiting non-linear power characteristics. The hallmark feature of the JBL Project K2 range of speakers is all about the ability to reproduce the full dynamics (often larger than life). The speaker design never did focus on achieving great bass extension. The bass enclosure of ports are all tuned to provide ultra fast bass response, not so much focused on deep bass, to suit the Japanese Hi-end audiophile market. The original S9500 K2 utilised Bessel tuning, providing very fast bass response, but lack good bass extension to suit most audiophiles’ taste; subsequent S5500 K2 utilised IET "Imaginary Equivalent Tuning" achieving the fast bass response of the Bessel tuning and the bass extension of the Butterworth tuning. To achieve the full dynamics goal, the LE125S bass drivers are massively over-built, with a super heavy-duty motor structure coupled to stiff and reinforced cone, stiff long throw suspension and a massive heat sink and cooling fins integrated into the heavy-duty die-cast aluminium framework, to ensure the driver never experience any power compression, even in extreme load. A gentle tap-n-push over the dust cap of the driver confirms the above observations. Driving one of these drivers to full potential will require some serious amplification. Driving two of these on one channel (in parallel), will challenge most, but the best amplifiers. Here is where the Ghent Audio GA-M500P shines with its flexibility. In passive-crossover mode, amplifiers are presented with a very challenging 4 Ohm load that can dip into the 3 Ohm impedance range, draws huge currents, and potentially cause the amp circuit to clip and distort. The GA-M500P can drive the K2 in passive crossover mode without clipping. But at such high currents, much of the energy would be soaked up by and dissipated in the inductor coils on the passive crossover network. It is almost a mission impossible task to achieve full bass control with any amp in this passive crossover mode. In Bi-amp mode, the situation has improved as each amp is presented with a nominal 8-Ohm load. One GA-M500P can handle the dual LE125S load quite easily as impedance dips, even to 4 Ohms, GA-M500P can double the current to maintain linear drive without clipping. However, due to the IET bass tuning, each LE125S bass driver is house in a cabinet that has a different volume and bass reflex port tuning, since the fast and extended bass response of the IET is achieved via combining all the 4 bass responses of twin bass driver and twin bass reflex ports, the load characteristics can be quite complex, given that the twin bass drivers are driven in parallel. The amplifier is faced with a more complex load. However, it is in Tri-Amp mode, that the GA-M500P really shines. Each GA-M500P is presented with a 16-Ohm single LE125S bass driver load. The GA-M500P has much more head room to exert full control over the bass driver, even as impedance changes when bass driver approaches its natural resonance frequency, the amp will have extra headroom to cater for 4-Ohm to 16-Ohm load, the amp will have no problem maintaining a linear drive, since it has the ability to double and even quadruple the current, as it meets the input signal demands, leaving ample headroom to manoeuvre. Ice-Power amp achieves high efficiency from 25W upwards all the way toward 250W. It achieves 70% efficiency at 50W and >=80% from 150W upwards. The amp excels as it is being driven hard. Achieving fast bass responses is not just all about raw power, the ability to initiate motion in the bass driver. It is also about the ability to stop the driver at will, once it has been set in motion. Here I witnessed the impressive damping characteristics of the GA-M500P. And it is this aspect that I noticed that differentiates the ICE-Power based amps from others. ICE-Power amps have superior driving and damping characteristic which makes them ideal bass amplifiers. It never muddles thru challenging bass transients, it slams the bass with absolute authority and control, which translates to, in the case of the K2, complete control of the air mass within the listening area. One can feel the bass energy lurking in the background. Bass transients are delivered cleanly, decisively and more importantly the subsonic that makes up a large part of the ambience, is realistically rendered, making the whole listening experience quite surreal! There is a special bass tautness to ice power amp that makes them sound very musical and enjoyable.
It is unfortunate that I cannot provide too much feedback on the HF transparency of the amps. Due to the requirement of ultra high resolution in my pure audio setup, I have opted with JOB4 amp module (the fastest amp circuit in the world, see: & in this instance to drive the high-frequency range. With nearly 3MHz bandwidth, the laboratory-grade linearity offers ultra-high resolution audio with great intelligibility and complete absence of grain. However, this is in no reflection that of the HF resolving power of ICE-Power amp is weak. In fact, based on the frequency response curve of the ASP500, it is good for around 30kHz before it starts to peak. It is very linear until 5kHz, where it starts to slightly dip until 20kHz, then rise til 50kHz before rapidly sloping off towards 80kHz. With a bandwidth limit of 80kHz, the Ice-Power amp is impressive! I use Ice-Power amp very happily in my car audio and TV room AV-setup to drive full-range audio in active crossover setup. Ice power amp always have a very transparent highs and even during complex transients, has no trace of nervousness, which makes the listening experience very relaxed and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the GA-M500P mono amplifier to any serious audiophiles looking for one of the best value-for-money amplifier setup. Particularly in a multi-channel active crossover setup, the ICE-POWER based amplifier circuit simply excels over other options both in terms of driving power, sound quality and cost-effectiveness.
In fact, I am so impressed by the GA-M500P I am seriously considering getting another 4 units to power my JBL 4306 Compact Studio Monitors for my portable mixing/recording studio setup. The option and ability to dedicate a GA-M500P to each bass driver not only simplifies the load characteristics presented to the amp circuit, but in the process allows the amp to exert better control and damping characteristics over the driver, which in turn yields a better and more realistic sounding audio system for the customer. And thanks to the amazing affordability of the GA-M500P, the raw power and beauty of the K2 can finally be realised in its most untainted and unconstrained manner. Thank you Ghent!
------ Damian from Australia